• "Man Of Valor"

    The Life, Death and Legacy of LAPD SWAT Officer, Randy Simmons

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    Every spouse of a law enforcement officer fears that middle-of-the-night phone call. The wife of fifty-one year old Randy Simmons lived that nightmare. On February 7, 2008, Randy Simmons responded to a “SWAT Call-Up” in Winnetka, California, where he was tragically killed at the hands of a deranged man during an eleven-hour hostage rescue standoff that resulted in a quadruple homicide.


    Man of Valor: The Life, Death and Legacy of LAPD SWAT officer, Randy Simmons will tell the story of Randy’s multifaceted life and of his amazing accomplishments both in and out of uniform. This film will show how Randy overcame trials and tribulations, how he put his faith in God, and how he worked tirelessly to better the lives of underprivileged children. It will share the details of his life as a devoted husband, father, mentor, minister, football coach, and twenty-seven-year-veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. It will deal with his death as the first in LAPD history of a SWAT officer losing his life in the line of duty, of his most unprecedented funeral, and of the awards he received following his death.


    With honesty, candor, and conviction, Man of Valor will deliver a true story about a man who continues to inspire as much in death as he did in life. It will show how his legacy lives on through the many people he touched.

  • "Protect & Serve" Documentary

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    LAPD SWAT Officer Randal Simmons was a well respected officer, a loyal husband, a devoted father and a friend to many. But above all else, Randy was a man of tremendous faith ... a man who truly lived to protect and serve.

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